Progress agency

We believe in progress through digitalization.

We live through our R&D, software and digital marketing projects.

Impact and actual measurable value is the major benchmark in anything we do.

Software development

We do value oriented, well thought and efficient software development. It’s always about analysis and consulting first of all, selecting the wisest path and executing with utmost care, responsibility and communication.

R&D development

We do research & development in artificial intelligence – starting from fundament research and all the way to mock-ups, prototypes and test products.

Digital marketing

We do digital marketing – starting from strategy (product-market fit, positioning) and product/service development all the way to design, content development, seo and communication (social media, PR, blogging, ppc, partnerships & integrations). 


Our internal R&D and product development​



We’ve done the R&D and developed a prototype of an AI driven software requirements builder.

  • It can read an email and transcribe the software development requirements as well as additional questions needed.
  • It offers users a smart wizard, where they answer questions and select choices leading to final requirements of their need.

Value to users:

  • Identify, build and express your software needs thoroughly;
  • Get automatic consultation;
  • Send the requirements to potential providers.

Value to software providers:

  • With the help of the AI reader get requirements instantly from client emails;
  • Offer a smart wizard for your website traffic, users and potential leads to help them clarify what they want in a convenient way without your presence.

Our client list speaks for itself: